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For over 15 years Elston Private Wealth has been helping people to plan their future and feel more confident about the financial decisions they’re making. Our teams of advisers can provide guidance on investment, superannuation and even philanthropy.

In 2012 Lynda McKie built a team with specialist skills in the family law space. Their focus is on education and understanding. They take the time to listen to the challenges and concerns. They are able to work collaboratively with lawyers to develop options that can be brought into the settlement process and empower people to negotiate with confidence.

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Just Fund

 JustFund is Australia’s only dedicated family law finance provider.

We provide a fair, flexible and affordable way for individuals going through separation to pay legal fees and disbursements, at no additional cost to law firms.

We’re different because we’re a team of lawyers and family law specialists, we don’t require family lawyers to prepare lengthy case summaries, and we don’t require clients to be registered on the property title.

We can also assist clients at any stage of a property matter (including the very beginning), we make fast funding decisions, are responsive and client and lawyer-friendly.

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Vincents is a solutions-focused professional services firm with deep expertise in forensic, tax and advisory.

As one of the largest dedicated forensic accounting teams in Australia, Vincents provides expert accounting and professional support across a range of legal disputes and financial investigations.

Having access to an expert to assist you in navigating the financial aspects of family dispute matters is a valuable resource. Vincents is committed to supporting you in any way possible. In litigation matters, their experts can act as independent accounting experts or consultant/shadow experts. In collaborative practice matters, their highly trained and experienced experts can act in the role of financial neutral.

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Axis Clinic

 Looking after your own well-being while helping others, is important care to safe guard against burnout, mental health issues and personal impact from work. Lawyers and other care professionals, working in high stakes and high emotion or trauma roles, have higher rates of mental distress and burnout compared to other professions.

Axis Clinic is a psychology team that understands and works with lawyers, finance professionals and health care/ therapeutic workers. We offer timely and confidential psychology sessions with no referral needed.

We also provide tailored Employee Assistance Programs for organisations. An Employee assistance program developed specifically for your practice or team can support your team members to manage stress and relationships, maintain a positive and constructive culture, reduces staff turnover and sick leave and improve team performance.