SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA, April 4 — ​The IACP would like to congratulate the State of​ ​Tennessee for becoming the 18th​ state (plus the District of Columbia) to adopt the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. On April 1, 2019, the Tennessee Supreme Court announced that it had adopted new Rule 53 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee, which created a rule for Collaborative Family Law.

“As chair of the IACP Uniform Collaborative Law Advisory Task Force, I am thrilled to welcome Tennessee to the group of states that have adopted the UCLA. This bodes well for families and family practitioners in Tennessee who will be more inclined to use the Collaborative Process now that it has officially been recognized by the highest court in the state. Congratulations to the professionals who worked so hard to convince the Tennessee Supreme Court to adopt the Collaborative Law Rule,” Robert Merlin, Esq, a ​Florida Bar Board Certified Family Law Specialist and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator said.

The Collaborative Rule establishes for family practitioners, the public and judges the requirements for a Collaborative Family Law matter in Tennessee. The enactment of uniform statutes and rules for Collaborative Practice create uniformity in Collaborative Practice between the states that have adopted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, and thereby protect the public from exposure to processes that do not meet the standards of Collaborative Practice.

“Irwin Kuhn and the other Collaborative professionals have so much to be proud of. They worked tirelessly for years to convince the Tennessee Supreme Court to adopt a rule recognizing and regulating the Collaborative Process in family matters in Tennessee. What a great benefit to the families in Tennessee,” Merlin added.

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